Chick from Angola wins Miss Universe

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    Take that you racist redneck tea bagger freaks!

    In other news Janeane Garofalo has died and gone to heaven...
  2. Artful Dodger is not going to like this :(
  3. Apparently she is a firm believer in the myth, "black is beautiful". (Or, perhaps it's, "once you try black, you never go back") Regardless, she's "all in" with the black folk.... and anyone who uses their head "must be racist".
  4. LOL! Why? She's certainly not the first Affirmative Action beauty queen, and she wont be the last either...

    In any case, why not? It's hard to imagine she was the hottest chick there, but still from that pic she looks pretty cute Not my type, but still cute, so it's not like it's a total farce. I mean, we even have white guilt presidents and supreme court justices, you think that beauty pageants would be immune to that?

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    Hey Artie, would you go out with this lady or any black lady?

  6. LOL !!!! I knew it :D :D :D
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    Must be their turn.
  8. What an ugly animal! Does it even qualify as female? :confused:

    Obama HUSEIN must have paid the organizers off and this should be added to his list of impeachable offences.
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  10. I don't know his opinion on that but he did say he wouldn't want his daughter dating a black man regardless of education,profession or integrity
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