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    The liberals would like you to believe that business is bad, but I just went there and there was a line of 70-100 cars in the drive thru alone. The line snaked around 2 buildings and it took over an hour just to order.

    The sales per store was higher than any other fast food chain (including mcdonalds) despite being open only 6 days per week. It had sales of 2.7 million per store in 2010. The average franchisee takes home $190k from his restaurant...but you know what the best part is? You only need $5,000 to become a franchisee, unlike say McDonalds where you need at least $500,000 minimum.
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    The PC police and homos have done more for their business than millions in advertising could have ever done.

    I'm stopping at the next one I see.
  3. Here in CA as I was at Chick-fil-a there was 1 single gay protester with a rainbow flag. As the media was there, guess who they were interviewing? Not the 1,000 people at the store supporting Chick-fil-a, but the single gay protester. Probably attempting to put a spin on what was happening. I imagine the protester probably said some garbage about how hate filled we are and then, like Roseanne Barr, probably said "anyone who eats there should get cancer". And then make another comment about how intolerant we are.
  4. It's a brilliant business plan, because people dumb enough to believe the bible are also dumb enough to think that crap is food.
  5. You sound like an idiot when you say chicken is crap food.
  6. Pardon me : But just how nutritional ARE your carbon credits that make up your entire diet?

    btw: IMHO nobody beats their chicken biscuits.

    A long time ago Mcdonalds had a winner "country ham biscuits" but for some reason gave it up.
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    I didn't want to stand in line today at Chick-fil-a. I'm going to go Friday so I can bust the queer kiss-in line. Might try to squeeze through between two lesbots if they look good enough.
  8. Here is their problem...if they go into the restaurant and start kissing in there and not buying anything, they can be arrested for loitering.
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    Should be able to arrest them for lewd behavior in public anyway.
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    Went there at lunch, there was zero chance of getting in. Went there at 8:30, stood in line for a while, but met some really nice people. There were no protestors holding signs, and the place was really "at ease" despite the massive crowd.

    No cops there, no problems. The crowd which was large, was more inviting to be around than the typical screw you, get outa my way crowd. Seemed like time flew by as my Sons and I stood in the humidity...
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