Chick Fil-A mess..The Rennick solution

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by William Rennick, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. Chick fila can put all this behind them by agreeing to switch to 2-man cow costumes and sponsoring the Olympic Bobsled and Luge teams.
    Running ads on American Idol too.

    Rennick Kissinger out:cool:
  2. I'm conflicted because those gay-haters make such delicious chicken. Maybe I'll only eat it if it's been shoplifted rather than paid for.
  3. LEAPup


    Chic fil-a is genius with this one! They've gotten 30 years worth of advertisement!

    I've gotta laugh. I don't each much fried food, but for the past two days I've been driving through Chic fil-a getting chicken strips. Damn those are good!

    In fact, I'm getting hungry now. Starting to crave some goodies. Hope I don't piss off any of the sign holding queers on my way through the lot :D as I patronize my now favorite non politically correct, well run IMO business.

    Ooh rah!
  4. Brass


    Overcompensation much?
  5. 1) I'm sending some money to your PayPal account! :D
    2) Chick-Fil-A may be able to curry favor with gays/queers/fags/homos by offering a sausage sandwich on the menu. :cool:

  6. BAHAHAHAHAHA, i'm telling that one at the VFW tonight. We are roasting one of the old WW2 fellas.

  7. 5-dollar, foot-long....... :cool:
  8. Lucrum


    I'm certainly going to make a point of patronizing their business more often.
  9. LEAPup


    Me too! I never really paid much attention to Chick fil a, but I sure do now. And surprisingly, I'm getting addicted to those chicken strips! Wow, they're good!
  10. The other day i went into the store and it was more packed than in & out burger. Aug 1, is chick-fil-a appreciation day. So i will be eating there tommorrow.
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