Chick-fil-A flaps high above its competitors, and it has other fast food giants worried sick

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    Chick-fil-A flaps high above its competitors, and it has other fast food giants worried sick
    In 2019, milk is out, plant-based meat options have taken restaurants by storm, and a drive-thru chicken sando chain -- Chick-fil-A -- is moving toward the head of the fast-food flock.

    See, the ol’ witch hippy was right: The end times are upon us. And cows are loving it, that’s for sure.

    But, as Chick-fil-A continues to fly high above the industry, with plans of going international, other beef-led chains are feeling the pinch.

    2019: The year of the chicken
    Chick-fil-A’s food is phenomenal. That’s not an opinion, that’s a poultry-sized fact.

    Because of its fine feastings, the fast-fried franchise absolutely rakes in the dough. According to CNBC, one of CF’s locations Chick-fil-A’d $5.7m in 2018 -- and the dang rooster robbers don’t even crow on Sundays.

    While cows sipped dairy-free coladas on sabbatical, Chick-fil-A grew to become the 3rd-largest restaurant in the US by sales.

    And competitors are bracing for some even rougher winds ahead.

    Like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off
    Per Business Insider, in the first 6 months after a Chick flies into town, customer traffic falls an average of 5.4% at Wendy’s and 4.4% at Burger King locations within 1.5 miles.

    Now, chains like BK and Carl’s Jr. have doubled down on the growing plant-based meat crowd to compete with the church of chicken.

    Another clucker-chucker, Popeyes, is heading beak-first into the chickity-challenge by putting its own top-notch breaded bird on the menu.

    McDonald’s franchisees are also pleading for a better chicken sandwich option as well. McChicken? More like McChopped Liver (nailed it).
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    I don't eat fast food...except Chick-fil-A. Their spicy chicken with pepper jack cheese is great and my six year loves their play area. Each Christmas season the Chick-fil-A by our house decorates the outside of the store with a fantastic light display and they even bring in fake snow (in Florida). No surprise they are dominating!
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    Part of their success is in how they choose their “ operators “ or so called franchise owners. The only cash they put up is $10k franchise fee and then corporate will find the land/location , build if need be and get you on your way (you have no say on this). The operator can’t have another job, business, can’t sell, can’t pass it on to their kids And you can’t even have or get another chick fil a. With such a low entry they must get a gazillion hungry ass smart mo fos applying for a franchise. Then they weed it down to the best possible hungry candidates, hustler, movers and shakers. 15% fee off sales and 50% split on profits is the deal.
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