Chick-fil-a books $100 million in sales in 1 day.

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    If Chick-fil-a was a movie, it would've been the biggest selling opening day in history.

    I estimated CFA did $25 million extra in sales in another post. Looks like I was waaaaay off in my estimate. On an average day CFA does about $12.8 million in sales. So $100 million is a huge deal!

    This has broken all sales records. The public has spoken and now other businesses are going to follow suit. Read the article about how Wendys tweeted "we serve everyone" and quickly deleted that tweet when they got 1000s of backlash tweets. On Wednesday, I felt so proud of my fellow Americans for standing up for whats right. It really felt like we were all family in that CFA parking lot that day.
  2. And Internet Porn sites do ten times that every day, what's your point?

  3. No they don't. They don't even do half that. And even if they did, internet porn is worldwide. Chick-fil-a only has 1,000 stores.

    Why are liberals such liars and make up numbers that do not support facts?
  4. To be fair ,you should only compare this against gay porn websites.
    Like what Peilte said, you need to do a little more research. You might want to start with going through your bookmarks.
  5. haha, that was a good one! :D :p
  6. That was the ploy all the time , to generate free publicity and boost revenue.They must be rubbing their palms together with glee, all the way to the bank.
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    It was a ploy, but by the evil liberals. They forced conservatives to eat all that stuff, get overweight, die earlier, and thus win over the US to liberalism by a evolutionary method.
  8. Yeah, and then they gave us Obamacare so we don't die off too quickly so we can continue to keep producing conservative offspring because heaven knows, they need someone else to call bigots & hate mongers. Without us around, they would have to look in the mirror and see the truth!