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    I watched a movie last night, I think it was "It's Tough All Over" or something like that.

    I was rolling on the floor.

    Am I the only idiot that likes these guys?

    My wife got up and walked away in disgust as the crazy arab that wants to kill everyone was using the same knife that he was using to clean his toenails to cut and eat some cheese.


    nitro hahahahahahaha :D
  2. Nope. Check out "Up in Smoke." Another gut-buster!

    BTW, it's Cheech not Chich.
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    u r not alone....

    I was watching it in my apt's gym and man u should have seen their faces while I was laughing:D
  5. What is really funny is Cheech played a cop on Nash Bridges... :)
  6. Yeah, they have been rolling out all the old Cheech and Chong flicks on the Comedy Channel for the past month...I remember watching those movies 20 years ago when I was a little kid, not even knowing what the hell those funny cigarettes were...The movies were funny even without the drug references...20 years later, I like the movies even more...
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    I think the title was "Things Are Tough All Over"..

    Very funny.

    If I remember, C&C played dual roles. Two arab brothers and their antagonists as well.

    Been a long time since I saw the movie, but I remember one scene in which the Arab Cheech and Chong see the other Cheech and Chong characters dressed in drag (facial hair and all).

    One says to the other: "She is uglier than my camel. She is uglier than my first wife".

    The reply from the brother is "Your camel WAS your first wife!".

    Also a scene in which one of the arab brothers is talking about "hair piece on my head"...but with the accent it sounds like "herpes on my head"....which becomes a very funny routine.

    And there was something about the small size of one of their private jet planes. The explanation is that it is his maid's plane. Totally delirious stuff. All their early movies were. Up In Smoke is a true classic!!!!

    Guess you had to be there:confused:

    ALSO...Nitro, the fact that your wife did not think it was funny is proof of her being normal. Show me a woman who thinks Cheech and Chong or the Three Stooges are funny, and I will show you an old East German or Bulgarian female olympic athlete that was injected with too many male hormones.

  8. "Up in Smoke" is a classic...
    I had a copy of the movie on VHS and watched it high all the time...

    "Jurassic Park" is also my favorite stoner movie.
  9. Cheech and chong had a record of a comedy routine that was hysterical, although for some reason I have trouble remembering parts of it.....

    And why is it that women hate the Three Stooges?
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    The record was "Big Bambu"...album looked like a giant pack of rolling papers.

    Women hate the Three Stooges because it is in their DNA.

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