Chicago's Weekly ET Unwinding Event

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by cwjcntr, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. cwjcntr


    The event/meet for the 28 Feb 04 is still ON.. Details are at Chicago ET Meet thread

    With that said, we thought that it would be nice to set a place to meet every Friday afternoon, after the long hard day of trading/work and talk about various items ranging from trading to... whatever :D

    Cactus was too loud to hold a conversation, and I cannot remember the name of the one place we went to afterwards. If any of you guys who frequent downtown Irish bars have suggestions, send me a PM or catch me on AOL IM (cjtrader124).

    I'm looking to get this weekly meet started the first week in March

    So, send me those ideas and I'll choose a place and we'll let the good times roll EVERY FRIDAY
  2. cwjcntr


    anyone? hello is this microphone on?

    "Get those traders back in here! Turn those machines back onnnnn!!!!!!!!!" (Mortimer Duke)
  3. Hello Mortimer! Count me in... perhaps next time we can actually talk a little about trading. Poag Mahone in the Insurance Exchange bldg... another suggestion perhaps the Berghof? I'm off to Cameroon next Monday but will be back March 3.

  4. saxon


    Hey C,'re a good lad. I wasn't sure whether anyone was interested in finding a regular "local" for the Chicago ET Club on Friday afternoons, but I think it's a GREAT idea!

    I did a little MetroMix search of downtown pubs that might be suitable, and here is a short list:

    Monk's Pub
    205 W. Lake St.

    Miller's Pub
    134 S. Wabash Ave.

    53 W. Jackson Blvd.

    You can find reviews here:

    I haven't been to any of these yet. If you guys would like to do a mini pub crawl (perhaps this Friday?), let me know, and we could stop for a couple in each one and see if any of them says "Home".

  5. demonet


    I am in on this too. So make sure to have a glass with my name on it.

    The 28th is a week rom Saturday and I plan to have a place to meet on or before the 20th.

    I think a several bar stop idea is also good... :)

    All of saxon's places are good....Berghoff though is a great place as well considering it has a "men's club" was only 30 or so years ago that they actually let women drink there!

  6. cwjcntr


    Good idea sir saxon!

    This friday, let's meet at Poag Mahone in the Insurance Exchange bldg (thanks for reminding me of the place Joe).. From there, we can organize a lil crawl. Let's say 5PM? I will be a lil late, probably show up 'round about 5:30.

    Will that work or should the time be moved up a bit??

    And yes Parker, we'll keep a glass nice n cold just for you :D

    And I almost forgot, the Berghoff.. That would also be a nice choice too..


  7. saxon



    I'll be at Paog's at 5:00pm this Friday. You can tell me all about the millions you made in bonds this week...right? I'll try and grab a seat or three. No doubt, Friday afternoon will be a little busier than Wednesday was.

    Maybe Parker and Joe and Mark can make it, too. It would be like deja vu all over again! The charter members. We have to give Joe a good send off to Cameroon. (And I know that Chivas girl is following C around town now...hehe).

    Yeah, we can be a travelin' road show for awhile, and try out different places until a consensus takes shape that we've found our regular spot.

    Still looking forward to the grand gathering on the 28th! (And thanks to Parker for keeping that one together).

    Sounds like good fun!

    Cheers, lads. And good trading.
  8. cwjcntr


    Got stuck fixing some problems on Friday nite, wasn't able to make it down the street to the Poag.

    You can sacrifice me to the gods now if you wish - OR -

    I'll buy a round this Friday :D