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    Hello chicagoans,

    I will come in Chicago for 3 months this fall trading from my broker's office in the CBOT. I need housing and a computer with 3 screens. I have never been in Chicago.

    For housing, what are the best places for me to go to work every day? How is the public transportation? What places must be avoided for safety reasons? Is it better to rent an apartment or look for a cheap extended-stay hotel? What is the best way to find housing? Craigslist? Any other?

    For the computers, I am sure there must be a lot of used trading stations for sell at any given time in trading city. Is there some special places to rent/buy used trading stations? Do they deliver? I won't bring it back home in France so I am looking for a really cheap deal. 2GB RAM PC and 3 17' monitors for example.

    Any other special tips? If you personnally have a computer to sell/rent or an apartment to rent, don't hesitate to MP.

    Thanks a lot for your help.
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    Check out Oakwood Corporate Housing (and others like it). Fully furnished short term rentals in GOOD buildings, not the bad areas you wish to avoid.
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    Thanks. Will watch it.
  4. this place seems to offer short term rentals in a range of downtown buildings.

    If you give us more details of your situation it might be easier to give you better ideas.
    For example how cost conscious you are, if there are specific things you want to be near/avoid (aside from avoiding winding up in a ghetto) etc.

    For example if you are young and cheap, one idea is to look for a sub let of student housing around depaul university.

    If you are not cheap/on a tight budget I would stick with the corporate housing situation like mentioned above, or find a sub-let on a downtown apt for the summer.

    Don't get talked by some jive talking realtor into sub-letting a place way out in the boondocks. Use online resources to make sure you will be near public transit if you do go outside the downtown area. Also, u can post any ideas here to get feedback if you have questions about a specific location.
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    Thanks Prometheus for the website.

    I am 27 and even if I can certainly afford those residences, they seems like a bit overpriced( for an european at least ) .

    I live frugally, all I want is a furnished studio/1 bedroom apartment 45 min max away from the CBOT by bus or metro. If there is a park to run near the apartment and just typical groceries/supermarket/bars, it would be perfect.

    I will post whenever I find a place.:)
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    As a general rule avoid the south side and west side of the city.
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  8. 1) Would a youth hostel be okay?
    2) Look through the room share ads at the Tribune, Sun-Times and Chicago Reader newspapers for short-term arrangements.
    3) You may want to remain close to the Chicago Transit Authority "Brown" or "Red" train lines. :cool:
  9. frankly, THIS is the place to find things for sale and places to rent and many other things in Chicago (or other US cities)

    Cragislist in the USA is THE free source of free rentals, things for sale, etc.
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    I have never been in a youth hostel in the US but if it's like in Europe...Not for 3 months...LOL.

    I take note for train lines and newspapers.
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