Chicago Wheat down 118??

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  1. I saw a quote on Bloomberg this afternoon that showed CBOT Wheat futures down 118 to 945. It closed limit up yesterday - and the markets are closed today. So this doesn't make sense to me - I am new to futures trading, so any help would be appreciated - Thanks
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    The Market open in 18:00 Chicago Time and 19:00 New York Time as i know today, so you do not need to worry what things write the Bloomberg Screens.

    The thing that you must to have in your Mind is your Strategy.

    If the Market open up or down or remain steady that does not care you!

    Does not affect you that, when you know exactly what you will do based in your Strategy, meaning what to do exactly if the Market goes up or down or remain steady.

    So, shut down the Bloomberg Screen relax your Mind a little, go out of your House or your Office for a long walk to calm and do not afraid nothing when open the Market...

    George Kanellopoulos.
  3. Thank you so much George - Have a great day!
  4. That price quote might be an omen from the future!
  5. Its a bad tick. What in the hell is George talking about.
  6. what do you mean by a bad tick?
  7. as in its incorrect, wheat did not settle -$1.18. it closed limit up. its impossible for wheat to close down 1.18 in one day. Bloomberg has a bad settle price.
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    Market Open...

    March 2008 & May 2008 CBT Wheat Futures are now in the extended Limit Up for today of 60 Cents per Bushel.

    George Kanellopoulos.