Chicago Tribune from 1934. Amazing

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  1. W D Gann states that human nature, i.e., business cycles never change.

    Used the commies to scare the youth of 1934, again in 1954, scared us in 1984, and will scare my kids in 2024.

    There must be an outside enemy for the gubmint to have any hope of influence.

    The Hunt for Red October has been replaced by the Hunt for Al Quaida.

    If that ever peters out, which I doubt, then we can always have the Hunt for the Red Chinese, or the Red Koreans. Then we can recycle the Russians. Then maybe some dictator will rise out the EU. We are still looking for that the next antichrist, unless its Obama, of course.:D :(
  2. ======================
    G Trader;
    Probably will not have to ''hunt'' much for the Chinese;
    they have a CCTV english news channel.

    Suprisingly honest in some respects. One said ''is that a blesssing or curse?'' Chrysler BR. Much more honest than ABC National news,CNN......

    And recently Chinese gov, frankly mentioned pigs are big business, then Chinese gov banned Alberta pork imports. And not suprisingly changed the name of swine flu to a number,LOL:D

    Its debateable on pig risk/swine flu-ok;
    but its a matter of public info, no such thing as a kosher hog.
    Thankfully those bacon cheeseburgers , eaten as a teen ,didnt kill me-LOL

    I am watching CCTV;
    like FOX, CBN, ANN,ABC local news-, more fair & balanced..............:cool:
  3. yes Obama is the devil incarnate.
  4. Did you miss the point of the cartoon or what?

    In 1934, the "Great" Depression wouldn't have turned out nearly as bad had they avoided all the ridiculous tax & spending. A similarly sharp downturn occured in the early 1920s but was quickly staved off by (a) no Fed action (b) no stimulus but rather the gov't cutting spending. Imagine that.

    In fact, there were other mini-depressions in the first 150 years of our nation, but without record-setting stimulus spending and a hyperactive Fed, none of them lasted a ridiculous 10+ years. Of course they didn't have idiots running the show like 1934 or now.
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    The great Depression started in 1929, not 1934. Nice try at blaming FDR for Coolidge's and Hoover's fuck-up.
  6. Not to split hairs, and I really may be doing that (even assuming I'm correct), but the equity markets crashed in '29, but I'm not sure the GD started in '29, necessarily.

    As to the rest and most important part of your post, I agree.

    The failure to save the banks and the deposit base was the catalyst that lit the fuse of business failures, lack of confidence and consumers hoarding cash under the mattresses.
  7. The cartoon was from 1934. Nice reading comprehension. Did it take all 60 of your IQ points to come up with that?

    Obviously, you know nothing but the textbook spoon-fed version of the story anyway. Hoover's attempts to stop it were as wrong-headed as Roosevelt's, he just wasn't quite as Draconian. He paved the way for more interevention, though.
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    The conventional wisdom is that Roosevelt's policies helped... it's becoming way obvious to me that they extended the depression.. other countries emerged years ahead of the US.. and the US did fine with no stimulii in other deep recessions...

    Keynsian economics never worked possibly... he was popular with politicians for obvious reasons, and they keep telling us that it's the way to go.. Keynes himself had a complete change in his thinking late in his life. I heard him in an interview on the radio, he said that he was flying over Lebanon and he had an epiphany... weird guy maybe, I wonder if we would ever have even heard of him if Democrats weren't using him for an excuse...
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    You're the fuckwit who failed to note the Depression had been well underway before the cartoon. You talked like it was the policies of 1934 that caused the Depression. Did it take all 9 of your IQ points to come up with that?
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