Chicago Trading Seminar by Dr.Brett Steenbarger

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  1. WHEN: July 17, 2009 from 1-5PM CT.
    WHERE: Club Quarters Conference Room (Central Loop - Chicago) - 111 West Adams near LaSalle.
    REGISTRATION: Required. Send email to with your first and last name. EVENT IS COMPLETELY BOOKED Send us an email to be added to wail list. You can also register by calling 1.312.922.7800. The event is fre
  2. I've been reading Dr. Brett Steenbarger's articles with great interest, he's one of the best. Good to know he is also giving seminars. Are they expensive?
  3. Maybe reread the initial post...
  4. LOL...I'll go ahead and make it big and bold this time.

    The seminar is FREE :D
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    I"ll be there as well.
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    CQG sponsored a seminar with Dr. Brett a few years ago at the Union League Club.It was worthwhile.
  7. Anyone else attending?

    cgar, sent you a PM.