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  1. I am trying to place the Half Shell...If I am thinking correctly, you are talking about a place that was across the street from the Barnes and Nobles parking lot just west of the intersection of Clark, Broadway & Diversey...Personally, I never made it over there although if I am thinking of the same place it has been there dad used to go there in the late sixties
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  2. If that's the place that is being thought of, it burned down many years ago and has been replaced by a Bath & Beyond store and a kitchen suply store. :)
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    say it ain't so regarding the half shell. The weiner circle should be a national landmark! Char dog all the way -- Cheese fries, extra cheese pleese!
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  4. diversey at orchard across the street from white hen, any of you guys in lincoln park who havent tried it have a chance to try somthing very special if youlike crab shrimp oysters
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  5. Maybe I should start a new thread,.

    Anybody know this firm?
    I'm thinking about leaving NY and going to CHI, especially with so much great sounding food!. :D
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  6. yes, I talked with them a few years ago about their prop trading...I remember reading about them in "Trading Chicago Style" by Weintraub...They seemed to have a good reputation, but I never really pursued anything with them
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    I'm off to Chicago tomorrrow for a couple of days. I need advice from what firms to visit, to where to eat, and where to stay. I've never been there before (only a flight stop). I think I'm staying either at the Hyatt Regency, The Drake, or the Marriot.

    I'd also like to visit an exchange, but I think the CBOT is the only one that currently allows visitors.

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  8. Surely the glassed-in visitors level at the CME is still open? (see Ferris Bueller' Day Off)
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  9. as far as places to eat, bob chins just open in the loop area if you like seafood. Also there is unos for pizza. Also there is italian village, also in the loop. I would go to echo trading. you might also want to check out bright. I know the cme visitors gallery is closed. but as far as the cboe and cbot I'm not 100%sure. don't bother with the chicago stock exchange. Echo's and brights office are at 440 s. lasalle. any of the hotels are fine. if you know anybody that works on the floor of the cbot, or the cme. you can take a tour of the jeans or shorts, and need button down shirt. good luck let me know how it went
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  10. You can stop by and see Diane Harsh, our Chicago manager. She can show you the CBOE and/or the CHX if you like.
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