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    Does anyone know of the firms available in Chicago? I may be moving from NYC, and just wanted to get an idea of what is out there (i.e. # of traders, software used, good/bad aspects of firms, etc.) Thank you.
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    Presume you are talking prop. Van Buren is based here. Bright and Echo also have offices.
  3. try either geneva trading or Int. Trading group for derivatives....
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  4. I remember going to Van Buren's office at 440 South back in the very first few months they had started that company, (early 1997)...They were one of the beginning firms...These were the days when All-Tech and Block Trading were getting all the press...Also, in those days Datek was a small brokerage with a couple of guys answering the phones themselves from some home office or such in Northern NJ...I remember thinking to myself, this Datek sure seems sketchy...Their account forms looked like a few pieces of photocopied papers mis-alligned...Crazy stuff...Now, 5 years later alot of these companies have come and gone and the whole craze has passed before our very eyes...Just got me thinking about all this when you mentioned VBS...
  5. Protrader 20th floor in the merc, has a retail branch, but no prop.

    Andover has a branch called Maverick Trading, but I don't know the address or #

    Ext used to be there, but was bought by Point direx about 2 weeks ago

    Onsite trading, 19th floor in the merc

    Tradescape in the chicago stock exchange building.

    There are literally hundreds of 2 to 10 people prop groups, but to find them you'll have to run around the merc and ask questions
  6. speak to Doug Zalesky there ...

    he is a nice guy to chat with in any case even if you

    have no intention of becoming a local with them

    good luck
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    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Bright's office is at 440 S. LaSalle St. You can talk to the office manager there - Diane Harsh.

    This was one of Bright's first and is one of their larger offices.
  8. vsisto

    vsisto ECHOtrade

    office located at 216 W Jackson
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