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    Does anyone out there trade on (or know of) an equities trading desk in the Chicago loop area? Moving from LA to Chigago and wanted to see if anyonone knows of any equities trading desks where I could trade my own account, that offers leverage for an experienced traader?

    I trade all equities.

  2. I believe Bright trading has an office there. Check out their webpage.
  3. Echo Trade has a Chicago office.
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    Lots of places. Go down to the Board of Trade building and ask around.

    Or: Use your PC and trade via Think or Swim or another online broker.
  5. He wants to buy a chicago trading desk. geez, you guys are THICK. Try ebay.
  6. You might want to look at the Chicago Stock Exchange.
  7. ?.......or IKEA? :cool:

  8. :D
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    Thanks RRiley.

    That's a good idea.
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