Chicago Trading Company and Education

Discussion in 'Options' started by RedEyeFly, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. Anybody know if the CTC takes on non-employees for their education program?
  2. dmo


    It's for their employees only.
  3. Thanks DMO.
    I'm not terribly interested in getting a job, but anyone care to report their experience with CTC?
  4. bump-o
  5. They are an excellent company, and could be a great opportunity for you. They are mostly pit based market makers, but are breaking into remote market making in a big way. To be clear they trade their partnership's private capital pool, using internally developed proprietary systems and methods. You would be hired as an employee, not as an arcade trader to put in front of a desk. You would be paid a discretionary bonus based on company performance, team performance, and your performance--most likely in that order.