Chicago Traders: Student Looking For Internship/Runner/Assistant Postion

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    Hey guys I am a making the move to Chicago from Arizona in 3 weeks to pursue my passion in trading. Currently in school at Grand Canyon University & switched to the online portion to finish up my remaining credits in Finance & Economics.

    Looking for an internship/junior trader/assistant opening at a Chicago firm.

    To give some background....I worked at Charles Schwab when I was 19 for about 8 months then my online printing and direct mail business that was started in high school took off so I decided to open up shop into a full on company with 6 full time employees producing $20-$30/M a month in sales.

    I have a 3.6 GPA as of current and am very motivated to learn. ( I soak up information like a sponge) and am hyper focused with finance.

    If any of you can lend me some direction or a referral I would greatly appreciate it.

    On my end, I can provide referrals from business owners who I have worked with in the past during my time at my company who can attest to my hard work, integrity and customer service.

    Thank you.
  2. dude...

    "my business moves $25m/month in sales"

    "grand canyon community college student seeking trading internship"
  3. Comb through the accounting/finance/business classifieds in Craigslist for some possibilities. It's tough everywhere.
  4. Iseeyou


    M means thousands. Not millions. Numbnuts.
  5. Busta21


    Gave that a shot, couple prop firms in Chicago I am going to meet with. 6 months left to finish the rest of my courses... might just study for the GMAT and go to grad school and wait for things to clear up.
  6. M means millions, learn that quick
    but u look motivated, good.
  7. show up to chicago with 20k,
    put 10 in a prop firm and leave 10 for expenses..

    trade 100-500 shares and you might last a year
  8. Trading jobs are very rare these days. Network through friends/family to get an entry level hedgefund job...

    "runner" traditional sellside jobs are dinosaurs awating extinction. Have been progressivley for the last 5-10 years..

    Only real jobs are "Quant" or programming/alogithmic jobs.. And your up against phd's..

    or join a prop firm.. basically prop firm is most realistic.
  9. Busta21


    Hey I appreciate the advice.

    It will definitely be interesting to see what happens the next 10 years with HF trading and all the quants. There is always money to be made though.


  10. The basic problem is that computers have replaced traditional "traders." This is even true on the NYSE relative to what it used to be..

    And although you might see a crowded futures pit on TV, they will be replaced eventually, so you are really looking to get into a line of work that is dying out... The only reason they still exist is powerful lobbying bodies that are keeping them alive, but that can only hold out for so long.

    The future is in the programming/quant side of things.
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