Chicago Tea Party

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by drycleaner41, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Mup


    That clip is now leading Hannity's show on Fox......:eek: :D
  2. Mike Savage been talking this for YEARS.

    Where were ya?
  3. Stosh


    Whenever I get my invitation to the Tea Party, I will RSVP immediately. Stosh
  4. dinoman


    F*ck Hannity! (Terrorist) Yes, to the Tea Party!
  5. tradersboredom

    tradersboredom Guest

    this new tax won't help anyone.

    it won't generate enough taxes to compensate for a loss jobs in the trading brokerage business and loss tax from profits from traders and firms.

  6. ricks right

    just a few years ago, all these assholes were gloating about what geniouses they were, for liveing waaaaaaay beyond their means (history's time tested express train to the poorhouse), taunting anyone who kept their wits about them as losers

    now these same shitheads calling for a waaaaaambulance, that their right to make a profit on home purchase, no matter how reckless, has been violated, and that people who were conservative must PAY for this great injustice

    good for rick for calling this out

    (i only know about this from this forum, i never ever listen to msnbc or cnbc)