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  1. bandini


    Does anyone know anything about the following groups: Cheiron, Boss, Eldorado, Spot, Chicago Trading Services? Thanks.
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    I would stay awaqy from Boss. A friend I know recently interviewed there and said their office ( inside the Gelber group) was a complete sh*thole...comparable to a bad college fraternity house with couches that looked lilke they were pee stained. I think they trade most products during European hours between midnight and 9am. I have a lot a respect for my friend and he said the manager of the group ( of Asian descent..I cannot remember his name) was a complete tool, clueless, very young and seemed in over his head. They have not been around very long so I would be hesitant to put all your marbles in such an unestablished group. That being said, Gelber group ( the parent) is a very respectable firm and Boss sounds like it is simply a small prop group that rents some space and clears under the Gelber name.
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    Eldorado is run by some pretty smart guys who do well. In the second interview you learn that the job is to work the night shift for 4 yrs. This was last may be different now.
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    i don't have any info on the firms in questions suggestion is to ask the tough questions as to how the firm makes money. if it's completely from a profit split and a resonable overhead fee, that's fine. sometimes firms add on a little charge per contract and i think that is bogus.

    also a good way to size up character is to ask if there have every been disciplinary actions by any exchange towards the principles in any capacity.

    a bad firm is like a roach motel, easy to check into, hard to check out of.
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    Thanks for your help.
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    Is Eldorado the firm the trades the eurodollar?