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    I would love to hear more information about prop trading opportunities. I have an offer with a new prop trading room, and have been in contact with GHCO. I have heard 2 totally opposite sides to the 5 year contract at GHCO, and can't tell if its a good opportunity by limiting my downside and surrounding myself with successful traders or if I'll be handcuffing myself by locking myself in to the 5 years.

    I have a background in tech analysis from an internship, and have read books on Tech Analysis, such as Technical Analysis of Financial Mkts. Therefore, I think that my learning curve will be a lot steeper than that of other new traders.

    I would love to hear about any of the other opportunities with other firms, and, if possible, the up and down sides associated with them. It would be much appreciated! I am confident that I will be successful in trading. I just want to find the right opportunity to allow me to learn the most that I can and get the most out of my potential as I get started in trading.
  2. Go to the "Class A Inactive Clearing Member Firms" section under Clearing Firms on that website. Most of the prominent prop futures firms that I have heard of are on that list...
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    here's a short list:
    Jump Trading
    Geneva Trading
    Matrix Trading
    Altea Trading
    SMW trading company
  4. Take the "sure thing" with GH. How many months can you go without making any money? Hopefully atleast 12, preferably 24. Focus on trading profitably and don't begrudge Ralph & Chris for incubating you.
  5. i stumbled across
    today. they have an office in chicago. one thing that struck my interest was the ability to jump around the world within macfutures.
    it looks like they hire people with little experience. not sure if they have a non-compete. both of my previous prop jobs have required this. though now i plan on backing myself so i just need a shop to rent space.
    unfortunately i wanna move to argentina from chicago to trade and they don't have an office in latin america yet.
  6. Geneva is a very decent firm. They have some top traders there. The deals might not be so good, but they may have changed since I last checked. Stay away from Matrix. Your check will always be late and they will always have excuses why. I still know many traders there.
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    Macfutures is in the process of being rebranded into Refco Trading Services. The new website is still under contstruction, however the still has most of the pertinent information (except the Miami office). We hire new traders, current prop traders, and have a large "customer" business as well. Contact any of the various offices for more information.
  8. I trade at a customer only firm. I highly recommend them. If you wish to get more info, please PM me. Good luck.
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    MAC is a solid outfit. You should also look into Transmarket Group.
  10. Hey guys,

    I'm a college senior and trying to get in with one of these prop firms in Chicago. Do any of you know happen to know any that are hiring?

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