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    A common question that keeps appearing is; can I get a list of reputable Prop shops located in Chicago. Here is a small list that I have put together. Please add to the list if you can think of more.

    ABG Trading
    Allston Trading
    Altea Trading
    Archelon Group
    Consolidated Trading
    Cornerstone Partners
    Darwin Capital
    DE Trading corp
    FCT Group
    Gator Trading
    Geneva Trading
    Harrison Trading
    RHO Trading
    Spike trading
    Wescott Group
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    I'm going to add mine since we have set up a small satelite office here in the CBOE building.

  3. I've been out of college for a year and would really like to get into trading. I'm in the Chicago area. I've been to one firm, no salary just % of profit and really bad trading style, waste of my time. Are there any firms out there that trade currency futures and bonds and options that pay a salary and actually teach you proper trading techniques and strategies? I don't mind starting as a clerk, I just want to learn the business right and get paid to do so.
  4. RCG might have one in chicago

  5. What was the trading style at the firm you were at? A lot of the prop firms are based a similar models and trading styles in Chicago. Also do you have any programming background because that could also help you get into some different kinds of firms.
  6. Have you got some good qualifications?
    That would help make your way up the ladder and you may skip the 'be a clerk while you settle' deal.
  7. I was trading equities basically 30 second trades trying to pick off 5-10 cents. I was looking for something with a little more analysis involved. I basically just have a bachelors degree in economics from a big ten university.
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    It seems to be very difficult to get a job as a Trader right after college; EconMajor..

    Well, I moved here to Chicago after I graduated from OSU.. I've been here for like 6 months and within the first 2 I landed a job with a Group for 2 months at the CBOT after being let go ..

    Since than , I've been looking to get back with a trading group as a Trader's Assistant or a Junior Trader and have had no luck!
    I've found well over 60 proprietary groups, and those which I can apply to, I have, and have been unsuccessful..

    Any more advice anyone?

    But ECONMAJOR, I believe you were lucky to have been a Trader right from the start!
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    I think the RCG Prop house might be E-local Advisors...They are a guaranteed IB of RCG and offer a Trading Mall type enviroment, also they seed Emerging Traders and can see them thru to CTA status....

    Peace & Profit
  10. Well, are you any good ? Take a look at why you were dumped: it may have nothing to do with your ability and everything to do with the group.

    I've seen all types of people fired from certain groups over the years: these same groups and individuals have never had a stable roster of quality employees. Many of their fired assistants went on to start successful operations.

    If all else fails and you just have to trade there is always the pro firms or even prop....
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