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    I know there are a ton of threads on Chicago prop firms but none of them really answer my question.

    I'm looking to daytrade equities and am interested in looking to join a prop shop. I'm not looking for something like Bright or Echo because I don't feel like I'm ready to start trading full time on my own. I don't want to go to prop shops like DRW and Infinium because they are market making firms and I'm not interested in market making. I'm looking for a place, in Chicago, that offers training and lets you trade their capital. I'm only looking to daytrade stocks. I'm not looking for a draw and I understand that I will be giving away a good chunk of future profits (Happy with 50/50 split). I'm someone new that is looking for a place that will help me learn to daytrade equities. Is there a place like this in Chicago?

    I've been through the entire list of prop shops on this site and a majority of them are market making firms. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    i am in chicago but have never heard of a place like this.

    you want ...
    1) training
    2) trade their capital
    3) day trade equities

    but you dont want to work for a legitamate firm like drw or infinium.

    maybe theres some small groups that would do this. look into guys who clear through gsec, gelber, advantage. maybe they would back you
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    Thanks for the response. I didn't think there was a place like this in Chicago. The reason I don't want to work for a firm like Infinium or DRW is because they don't daytrade equities. Both of these firms are market making firms and thats not something I'm interested in.