Chicago PMI leaked?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by moo, Mar 30, 2007.

Was the PMI data leaked?

  1. Yes, the market is rigged.

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  2. No, just normal market volatility.

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  1. moo


    The Chicago Purchasing Manager Index was supposed to be released at 9:45 today. It would seem the (surprisingly positive) data was known to somebody already 4 minutes earlier, as the futures started rallying on high volume at 9:41. Was the data leaked, or what could explain this?

    Of course the high of the day was seen just after 9:45...
  2. What do you mean by "leaked"?

    NAPM allows paid subscribers access to the report several minutes before it's released publicly.
  3. dhpar


    do you know how much it costs?
  4. I'm sure more than I care to spend for it......:)
  5. dhpar


    maybe you are cheap :)
    i will try to google it...
  6. moo


    Oh, didn't know it's a paid release. Thanks.
  7. Actually I tried to find the price just now but couldn't. :)

    Here's the website:
  8. dhpar


    not certain but it looks like you get 3 minutes head start for $240.00? annually (assuming NAPM member is enrolled for this service). It was introduced in Oct-04.
  9. Its way more than that and worth every penny
  10. romik


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