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  1. I lived in Chicago for 10 years. I have also live in multiple east coasts places, Cali, and Colorado. Nothing could ever come close to a true deep dish. Why? Its bread, sauce and cheese, There was a place in san diego(wtf) that was very close, but the restaurant which I cant remember was run by some old chicago people. The only thing I can think of is people in chicago realize its going to take 45-60 min to make a pizza, outside of chicago no one is willing to wait that long nor is a restaurant willing to have customers idle that long.
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    That's funny, the best place I've had it outside of Chicago is also San Diego, maybe a lot of Chicagoans moved there to escape the winters?
  3. 1) Blame "that" on smartphones and rising property taxes. :( :mad:
    2) You could order a frozen one if you live out of the area. :)
  4. deep dish pizza isnt really pizza, its more like a bad lasagna.

    ill take east coast pizza made on a flat pan thank you.
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    Been to Chicago, and had "Chicago" pizza, and just didn't work for me. I, by an infinite amount, prefer pizza as opposed to the supposed "chicago" pizza.
    Everyone has a taste and opinion, so not looking to denigrate your likes, just saying, for me more a marketing and local market appeal, than good pizza.
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  8. I bought one of those a frozen pizza the other day and it said on the box, "Cook for between 20 and 22 minutes."

    Now, I'm not a genius, but isn't that 21 minutes? Ya think there was an ap for that.....:cool:
  9. It sounds like you're describing either Chicago-style or Sicilian-style "stuffed" pizza where the sauce is on top of the cheese and toppings and the Sicilian has an additional dough layer underneath. To each is own. :cool:
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    I knew there had to be something good about Chicago.
    I'd go there and try it, if I thought I could get in and out without being mugged and/or shot.
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