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  1. Hi all,

    I am currently a trader at a major Chicago based option market making firm. Myself and several associates have recently made the decision to depart to form our own trading group. We are seeking margin capital in the low to mid 7 figures, preferably from an experienced source willing to grow with us. Do you know of any firms or individuals interested in this type of backer arrangement?

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    This is something I can help with. By way of intoduction, I work with and represent a various trading firms in Chicago and have experience in dealing with firms in your situation. Give me a call to discuss it further. 312-496-6582
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    Spam, or someone having fun creating multiple aliases and having conversations with themself?

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    No bullshit. I wouldn't of gave my phone number if it were. But understandable why you would think so.
  5. Just check out their prior messages. Been talking to 'imse'f for six weeks.