Chicago Olympics- A wholesale disaster

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  1. I am truly horrified at the prospect of Chicago getting the Olympics.
  2. Seems like ever since America voted for a BLACK President, you and your racism has "worried" about a lot lately. :D

    Leave it to a pinhead such as yourself to not be able to comprehend that holding the Olympics in the greater Chicago area would add BILLIONS of GDP to the local Economy and Great Lakes Region.

    Independent economists of the 2016 bid say that the Olympics would be a $22.5 billion economic stimulus for the city and state that would create the equivalent of 315,000 jobs for one year.

    But hey John, thanks for citing actual facts to support your "claims".

    Get back to us when you are able to count to 3, or stop watching Glenn Beck... whichever occurs first.
  3. The fix is in. Obama would look like a major chump if Chicago doesn't get the bid. Let's not forget the history of corruption in the Olympic committee. Plenty of money being passed under the table, with Richie's fingerprints all over it. It's how business is done.
    Personally, I hope we get it because it will be a boom for local construction industry. I've already been told by potential customers that the check book will be wide open when, errr, if Chicago gets the bid.
    ON this issue I fully support our glorious leader. :eek: :D :p
  4. how are they going to fund it?

    London got it and now they have a funding problem, proposed raising taxes on all london residents.
  5. What does Obama have to do with the chicago olympics? He's not the govenor, the mayor or anything else.

    It may bring in 22.5 billion but it will cost 25 billion and they will lose money and I'll have to pay for it.

    Unless you sell t shirts or are a business owner in the service industry like a hotel there is nothing in it for anyone else except unions.

  6. when you quote landis, those who have blocked him see his nonsense
  7. Is Obama's stumping for Chicago Olympics just yet another, "FUCK YOU AMERICA... I'M THE BIG CHEESE AND DON'T YOU FORGET IT" (like his "government-up-your-ass-so-far-you-can-taste-the-Brylcreem-in-the-back-of-your-throat" HealthCare) ploy?
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    Having the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta was a mild disaster. The city planned for millions upon millions of people to show up, only to have about 100,000 additional people visit the area. Complete joke actually and very anti-climactic. Thank heavens a strong equity market and then a strong real estate market covered up all of the mistakes. There was no real net-benefit to the city that I am aware of, except for getting a new baseball stadium (which would have occured anyways). The Olympics defiantely put Atlanta on the global map though, not that its helping now.
  9. America will never match the Olympics China put on.
  10. Chicago dumped, OMFG! Talk about Obama being chumped. I must admit being surprised. I thought the fix was in. Man O Man, talk about a circus for this administration. Health Care debacle is a disaster in the making, economy is trashed with no hope of recovery, Iran & Korea firing missiles at will, Afghanistan a loser for him whatever he does, and now this major thumbing of the nose. Obama has become little more than a prison bitch.
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