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  1. Please private message me with response.

    I am looking for a firm in Chicago where I can:

    1. Work out of the office and remotely. No or low desk fee.
    2. Trade equities, options too if allowable.
    3. Cap. deposit around 10K.
    4. Commissions .05 share or <.
    5. Bi monthly withdrawals.
    6. Buying power of at least 30x or more. 2x or more overnight.
    7. Decent reliable software.
    8. Payout 95% +.
    9. Decent coffee.

    Will trade +25K shares daily.
    I've been a broker for several years and am licensed with the 7. I've traded prop before and have my own strategies.

    Am I asking too much?

  2. Uhhh why do care about the coffee if you want to trade out of office.

    And secondly, if you want to trade remote, why does the office have to be in Chicago?

    Chicago is all about futures, New York is all about equities. Tons of New York shops that would beat what you are asking for already. Need more info? Check your PM box as you probably got a bunch of messages from the 100 or so recruiters.
  3. OK, I was joking about the coffee. I live in Chicago and want the flexibility to go in the office and work from home, that's all.
  4. try echo if you are serious about this...

    be upfront with them as to what you want to do...

    pm me if you wish...
  5. FXPimp


    Based on your parameters, I recommend simplex
  6. Happen to have a contact? I've tried to look up but no information. I know where there office is or was, I'll try in person too. Thanks
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    Matt Gray, 208 s lasalle, dont have a phone #