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  1. I thought I'd throw this out there, see what I can find out.

    I'm thinking about getting a small office, have a baby coming in Oct, so trading from home might be a little tough. I'm wondering if any pro traders (might be tough to find on ET) in Chicago are also looking for a place to trade. I'm not looking to share strategy's and would prefer to be able to do our own thing, but have people around to shoot the sh*t with. Initially I'm thinking West Loop, Lake/Morgan area, maybe a loft warehouse around there, something casual. Of course we would want/need a good internet connection ect... I wouldn't be opposed to something in the loop, but for me its not necessary. I've looked at a few spots further west, Damen and Fulton, but really open to suggestions.

    Or is there anyone currently in an office looking to add a guy?
  2. cml2949


    Do you live near the loop?

    If all you need is a connection to trade why not save expenses and stay away from the loop area..

    Cost for an office can be much higher. I'd go suburbs ..

    Unless you want the feel of working near downtown or something ..

    just my thought ..
  3. Maverick74


    I'm not sure what you trade but Advantage Futures has office space for it's customers in both the city and the west burbs. It's suppose to be pretty nice. Much better deal then trying to get some strange guy on ET to honor a leasing contract.

    Looks like the Loop and Downers Grove.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I live in the West Loop so thats why I was thinking around there, I dont' want to drive or take the Metra out of the city everyday.. I actually might have a lead on a place further west, Chicago/Damon area. I trade equities, but thanks for the info.