Chicago, NYC, Boston & Foxwoods

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  1. OK, I will post the dates for the traders "get-together" pizza, appetizers, beer and wine on me tour, LOL.

    I will post the exact locations real soon, but please mark your calendars, join us.

    I am bringing my Programmer hot shots with me to most events to share new software and to discuss all that stuff I don't understand, LOL.

    Chicago - June 5 - near CBOE, or in same building.

    NYC area (as requested) - June 10 early evening.

    Boston - downtown area - June 12 - early evening.

    Foxwoods - Join me and some friends for drinks - Noon until ?? June 14.

    I will have Goldman Sachs people with me in most places.

    Extra incentive.
    Giving away a couple of free $1,000 classes at each event. Private discussions with any trader, when asked.

    Purpose: My wife is off all month (school teacher)... I need to meet with the Exchange people in Chicago, and the office has more people, mingle with some friends.

    NYC - Meeting with GS people, mixing business and pleasure, responding to many of you ET'ers.

    Boston - Meeting with my guys, visiting office there. Hope to meet other traders.

    Foxwoods - I've never been there, play a little blackjack (hopefully), and little time with the wife. GS rep's joining me.

    I'll be sharing what we do, and how we do it. Glad to discuss anything to do with trading. I'll be keeping track for an upcoming Stocks and Commodities article as well.

    Hoping to attract some new traders? Of course, but no ulterior motives.... .... getting a bit older, don't travel as well as I used to, figured I would enjoy this while I can.

    Please email me with an RSVP to

    If you want to maintain ET anonymity, PM me with your handle or first name.

    Trading with another firm? I don't care one way or the other. I will be inviitng my friends from RBC Carlin as well.

    We are all part of a very (very) small trading community, both here on ET and in general. No reason not to get together, share some ideas, and have some fun. And, geez, a way to get into my pockets, LOL.

    I will try to keep this bumped up during May, feel free to respond to this, and ask anything about our venture. I will post up a web page as soon as I have locations.

    (sorry for the long post, I figured it's better to do all events in one post rather than taking up space with multiple posts).

    Don :)
  2. NO single Malts??????:mad:
  3. Malts for members of Shill Securities only, LOL.

  4. NYC area - meet where? Wall Street area or midtown or ???
  5. I'm working on that...I'm told within a mile or so of Times Square. Pizza places with private room, GS is helping to locate. I'll know soon.

    Suggestions welcome.

  6. Surdo


  7. I need to get a rough head count for NYC it seems. I'm guessing we'll have to limit to about 35 or so (for most of the rooms I'm seeing)....Send me more emails guys.


  8. Chicago guys, Boston guys... get on the list.... NYC has room for about 10 more....

    Don :)