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  1. jmh


    does anyone out there have any connections with any clearing members at the CME?

    i am looking to join a firm as a runner/clerk (on floor) or trader assistant/trainee (off floor)...what ever gets my foot in the door. would anyone be willing to talk to me or know of a firm that is looking?

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Well, it's tough to get your foot inside the door. Even if you do, you have start building your experience (aka resume) to freely get jobs around where you like. Here's a few advice from a formerly-struggled Chicago Trader:

    1. Know what you would like to be. Always seek for a job where it leads to the goal, stepping up closer with each position. If you want to be a hedge fund manager, you wouldn't work for a mortgage or real estate firm. The resume or experience you build should have a direction.

    2. Goto school... start studying... Build your skills. Chicago firms are seeking more people who has technical skills like programming skills (especially experiences dealing with auto-execution), network, quantitative researching experience (trading system development and/or management)... The sales, trade desk, clerk positions are getting killed with the technology. So I'd recommend you to start learning these things.

    3. Who you know is the very important. This is especially true in Chicago. The financial industry is very small and one feud or bad reputation can ruin your chances in the future. Always be both professional and friendly. DON'T MAKE ENEMIES.

    4. Finally, there's a learning curve. Perseverence is the key. People don't achieve a goal because they quit along the way. If you never quit, you'll reach it some time. It's also, not bad to have a side job. I made sushi for 2 years to pay my bills, having 2 jobs were tough at the moment but it paid off.

    Just a friendly advice. :)