Chicago-Jackson Park, World's Fair?

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  1. I'm reading a book that tells the history of the US's first World's Fair that was held there in Chicago. I've never been there, but what is the site like that they held it at? In good shape? What is it used for now?
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    The site's north border was Chicago's Hyde Park stretching a couple of miles down the Lakefront to Jackson Park. The area of the Midway is now a large boulevard (Hyde Park Bl. 5500S)that runs through the campus of the Univ. of Chicago. The only major exposition building that remain's is the home of Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry. The museum is a world class destination. While most of the old site is parkland and lagoons (Jackson Park) the area surrounding the site is quite urban. Highrises, commercial shopping districts ect. That part of the South Side is predominantly African-American, but with a high standard of living. A far cry from a ghetto, yet not as economically developed as lakefront neighborhood's on Chicago's North side. Not only does the U. of C. help maintain a vibrant buzz in the area, but the natural beauty of Jackson Park makes the area a splendid glimpse of old Chicago.
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