Chicago guys? Anyone in Chicago?

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  1. North side - hollywood beach area remote trader looking to create a trading environment for local traders.

    I trade remotely and I am pretty successfull...looking into forming a group of traders at my home and trade from here.

    Have 2 separate fast connection pipes going in.

    Anyone knows any daytraders from Chicago?


    Email me at

  2. Im not there now but miss cruising on my bike up the beach from De Paul area to where your at....fucking great town!
  3. overtheline,

    I was telling my wife, we gotta move back! Dude, I can't believe we lived so close and never crossed paths until now.

    I miss CHGO. I would love to buy a summer home in CHGO and stay in Tejas for the winter.
  4. Is there trading in Chicago?

    You guys are right. I lived there for almost three years. Great town.

    Good luck finding compadres. You guys will have a lot of fun.
  5. nitro



    I am in Old Irving Park - 1 Block west of where 90/94 split off on Irving Park road.

    I have thought about this before...Right now, I hang out in the chatroom for company...

  6. Why is it I have the image of Don Vito Corleone, Santino (Sonny), and Tom Hayden sitting with Salazzo discussing Salazzo's proposal to sell heroin?

    That crazy Salazzo, good with a knife, but a little slow to get out of the way of a bullet.
  7. I lived right accross from Wrigley. Used to pay $6 for the bleecher seats. Do a Google search for EDAT in ORD. Giordonos pizza is the freakin bomb!!! Good luck with your seach! Ron
  8. Yep, I live in the heart of the city....west it.

    I trade out of my it....Did trade at Schonfeld....loved that....However......My trading room is just fine.

    Elite trader chat is my "cyber" trading room...keeps me alert......i chat when im not trading....just like the good old days at schonfeld.

    two pipes? Are you running a t1...and if need to. DSL 1.5 is just as fast, 1.5 in and out. Up and down for the computer nerds. of luck.....its better to trade by yourself will learn what makes and breaks you.

  9. I live in the Gold Coast area and trade inside the CME building.

    Hope you find some people.

  10. Aaron


    Possibly of interest to Chicago area people... I'm planning on going. Introduce yourself if you see me.

    "The sixth meeting of Chicago QWAFAFEW (Quantitative Work Alliance for Applied Finance, Education & Wisdom) will be held on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24TH from 5 to 7 pm at the IIT Stuart Graduate School of Business, 565 W. Adams (near Union Station in Chicago) Room 403. The meeting will feature “A Debate on Hedge Fund Index Investing.” The meeting will feature speakers from the Carlyle Asset Management Group and Standard & Poor’s. For more information, please click here. (

    The schedule for the October 24th meeting is as follows. A social “hour” will be from 5 to 5:45 pm. The speakers will begin their debate promptly at 5:45 pm. At 6:15 pm, a Q&A session with the speakers will take place."
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