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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by maxshadow, Jul 23, 2006.

  1. maxshadow


    I am an experienced trader (Investment Bank Trading) and I am looking for a prop firm in Chicago where I can post up money and trade on a split basis. I am looking to trade 30Y Treasury futures. I am thinking of posting-up about 75K and splitting 70/30 with a firm (my 70). Does anyone know of a firm that does hybrids in Chicago, and what size they would let me trade. Also, what are the desks fees, commissions, etc. Any info would help.

  2. krh7


    Looking for the same thing. Figured I'd bump this thread. Can anyone help?


  4. It's against exchange rules (CBOT and CME) for a trader to receive member commissions on a firm's seat if he posts his own capital. Even on a spit.

    The remedy? You must apply for membership and secure a seat in your own name. THEN you can form an entity that "splits" p/l.
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    Do your homework on the firms mentioned in this thread.
  6. Out of curiosity why bonds?
  7. Why do you want to split profits? With 75K you should be able to get limits to trade 100 lots intraday maybe more. You don't have to split profits to get a desk.
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    Guys, thanks for the help. From my research it sounds like I don't need a split if I post 75K, so that is good news. As for why bonds, I have 5 years experience trading them.