Chicago Forced to Hire 111 Black Firefighters

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    State Sponsored Racism: Chicago Forced to Hire 111 Black Firefighters who scored lower than non-Black Firefighters

    The taxpayers of Chicago are forced to pay for these sub-standard firefighters who are rewarded with tens of millions of dollars for scoring lower on tests. Affirmative-action at its worst.

    From NYTimes:

    CHICAGO — The City of Chicago must hire 111 black firefighter applicants who were passed over for jobs years ago and pay tens of millions of dollars in damages to about 6,000 other black candidates under a ruling issued on Friday by a federal appeals court.

    Yes, wanting the best, most qualified applicants can result in a court of law rewarding less qualified applicants millions. Must be nice to use race as an excuse for low test scores.

    The decision from the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit is only the latest in a legal battle that began with a written employment test for firefighters more than a decade ago, wound its way to the United States Supreme Court by last year and remains a matter of division and concern among the city’s firefighters.

    “For some of the people involved, this is a very emotional moment,” said Joshua Karsh, a lawyer who represented black applicants who accused the city of employment discrimination. “The city could have cleared this up a long time ago.”

    In 1995, 26,000 people took an employment test to become firefighters.

    The city said anyone who had scored above 65 was considered “qualified,” but chose its initial hires from random sets among candidates who scored 89 or better, a group it deemed “highly qualified,” court documents say.

    Would you rather go to the doctor who is smarter and more qualified or would you prefer the doctor who scored lower but was given a pass due strictly to his/her skin tone?

    But after complaints were filed, the city conceded that the 89-point cutoff created a “disparate impact” against black candidates — 6,000 of whom had gotten qualified scores — compared with white candidates, the documents show.

    Does lowering standards and test scores in the name of diversity help those who need qualified firefighters in desperate times? Just more feel good liberal white guilt in action.

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  3. outrage vs outrage

    You're in the business of fighting fire or not.
  4. Well, now they have met their anti white racial discrimination quotas, that's the important thing. Whether or not fires are put out quickly with minimal damage to person or property comes in a distant second.
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    I can see their (plaintiff's) point. The bigger question is, if you raise standards that result in fewer blacks qualifiying, is that "racism"? For instance if they had been told only applicants scoring 89 or higher would be considered qualified. The city screwed up by saying one thing and doing another.
  6. I say this all the time. Don't blame the black man, he doesn't interpret the laws, right the laws or enforce the laws. Thats what whitey does.
  7. There you have one proof that Democrats & unions practicing racism against blacks. [​IMG]
  8. The opening post has infuriated me, but I am glad it was posted.

    The blacks have not only taken our white house, but they now take our jobs.

    And they hate Israel too, which makes them anti-Christian.

    Time for the Republicans, me thinks.

    If the blacks hate us so much, they should go back to Africa. Liberia was designed for this purpose, since it is primarily populated by the descendents of slaves.
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    I know a certain polling pool that did not know what they were talking about.
  10. You need to get with current events, pal. Obama has decimated the black population. [​IMG]
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