Chicago firm Terra Nova had nothing to do with Crash. Details its P&G trades.

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  1. Sir, look at the chart of the ES in 1 minute bars and you will see that it was normal trading, nobody pulled it down, the market did. Indeed it was brutal but it was real. It was a crash and manipulators sent news through CNBC that it was a fat finger or computer glitch and the street bought that. But no, they dont have to say why they said that. They can lie but Goldman can't, why is that?
  2. Tuesdays "so called" cough, cough, was a sample of what will soon be realty if certain groups don't get their way..
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  4. Steven Kaplan sent his newsletter out tonight...

    He said it was a reality, not HFT b.s no fat finger....

    This is plain and as old fashioned as you can get.

    It's a panic, and a good indicator of things to come.
  5. . exactly! GS was one of the biggest. they cracked it wide open plain and simple. Anyone have an archive of that audio btw??
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    plan execution to crash the market and kill all bids until their are no bids..all the HFT were force to shut down

    it doesn't take a lot liquidation to take down the market,,the market illiquid and if some large broker or fund unloaded a clients fund,,like when lehman bros. had to liquidate in october 2008 you kill off liquidity. most mutual funds and guys like buffet are bag holders or buy and sleep positions. they rarely buy and sell. and even a tiney cashout crashes the market drop of at least 10% intra-day if one large fund unloaded 20 billion in one day.

    how much cash is in the market intra-day on the bid on on the table in the open market?. i

    anyone can crash the market with enough ammonition. fire power. bliztrig,,fast and furious...feel the evil. and laugh as the trading floor is filled with dead traders WIPE OUT and Satan laughs. Hahahahaha

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    is there an investigation,are questions being asked,where is the sec's take on this, how do they decide who gets to keep the profits and who gives back,......don't worry bout it sonny, run along now...
  8. I believe the SEC came out with a statement in regards to the trading activity on Thursday and I cut and paste part of it here but you can go to the site and read the rest if you like.

    "The SEC has been in contact with market participants in relation to the market failures between the exchanges and anticipate our finalization of our investigations into porn surfing by staff members to be concluded no later than December 2014. The SEC will then focus our attention on the market imbalances and causes that occurred on 5/6/10. We intend to have a public comment period for 60 days and we will be able to announce our formal rule changes in 61 days as no one at the SEC actually reads the public comments which may cause an unnecessary delay of our conclusions and/or rules to better protect future employers of SEC staff"
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