Chicago Female Bartender Beating

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  1. I know there are quite a few posters on here that currently live in and around the Chicago area. Is it common for police to go apeshit and just beat up innocent people? It looks like a pretty brutal beating considering the cop was 250lbs and the woman was like 110lbs.
  2. That was brutal wasn't it? Also, someone attempted to bribe the bar after it happened. At first I heard there were death threats too, but the news has stopped saying that.

    The cops here are rough in general. I don't like asking them questions and if they ever talk to you, it's usually to yell at you for something. I don't wonder why, however, because realistically they have an incredibly tough and dangerous job in this town. However, they are not helping themselves out in my opinion.

  3. 1) She got up and walked away, beating prob not as bad as it looked, and it looked bad

    2) wtf was the reason for that assault.
  4. 1. true, but it's still absolutely ridiculous

    2. I don't know, but at the beginning of the video I saw on the news it looks like they were arguing and it looked like she actually pushed him a little bit. He was apparantly quite drunk and pissing her off. Obviously, he has a bit of a temper too.

    Man I'm glad he won't be walking around with a loaded weapon for a little while at least.

  5. my question is WTF were the other 2 pussies in the bar doing? they sat there and watched him beat the shit out of a woman, if i ever saw that happen id dive in there might not be able to stop the beating but atleast hed be hitting me rather then some 100 pound chick.
  6. Apparently, the bartender refused to serve him, plus she got involved when he attacked another patron. Expand and read the full text next to the video.
  7. You have to keep in mind that this story wouldn't even had been seen if it weren't for the videos. Lets suppose that you were in the bar and attacked the cop. Without the video, you would probably be looking at assault charges on a police officer. It was a small neighborhood bar. The patrons presumably knew the man was a cop. They didn't know that video cameras were installed. They were probably too afraid to confront the police officer. It is a sad and pathetic situation.
  8. good assessment.
  9. I saw this on the local news a couple days ago. Normally I support cops getting tough in the streets, but this punk bitch, pathetic excuse for a man not only needs to be jailed, he needs a serious beatdown. Shouldn't be too hard to kick the shit out of this panty wearing sissy bitch. He couldn't even knockout a girl.
    Why is this worthless piece of shit still on the street? The common citizen pulls some shit like this, he'd be locked up with the key thrown away. Hopefully the "boyz" at Cook County jail will give him the welcome he deserves.
  10. All kidding aside CO, assault is pretty much considered a nothing crime by the Courts. At least in Chicago.

    I've known guy's who get seriously fucked up in fights and they find it difficult to get justice with the offender in criminal proceedings. Six months suspended sentence is typical. When's the last time a Russell Crowe or one of those hip-hop NFL guys saw jail for assault?

    Civil proceedings are another matter.....
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