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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by saxon, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. saxon


    Hey guys,

    I did a little "research" last night, trying to scout out a regular Friday afternoon gathering spot for the Chicago ET Club. I visited both Monk's Pub (205 W. Lake), and Cavanaugh's (53 W. Jackson).

    Monk's Pub has a cool interior, with exposed walls and low ceilings; but there were way too many lawyers (sorry Parker) and other posers. Not the spot.

    Cavanaugh's, on the other hand, looked very promising. A good mix of people, all seemingly interested in leaving the office behind and just unwinding a bit. When you walk in the door (and don't trip on that first step--it's a doozey), to the left is a nice old, inviting oak bar, and to the right is a room with lots of booths and tables. Decor is dark wood and green leather (the color of money!). This place gets my vote so far. But there are others to consider, too. I think JoeT mentioned the Berghoff.

    Just an update.

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  3. Sioux


    How about that Martini Bar on across from the CBOT??

    I think it's in the 440 S. Lasalle building.
  4. saxon


    Thanks for the suggestion, Sioux. Never been to the Martini Bar. Have to check it out soon.

    All suggestions and nominations for a suitable Friday afternoon regular meeting spot for the Chicago ET Club are welcome on this thread. Try to focus on places that also serve food. My "vision" about this is to have a place where Chicago traders from ET (or friends of) could meet at the end of the week for a drink (or 2 or 3) and a bite to eat if they wish, before we head our separate ways out into the night.

    After a week of trading, it's nice to have a group of people who were in the same game to either celebrate with (ya don't want to do that alone) or cry with (ya don't want to do that alone, either).

    So chime in...anybody who likes the idea.

  5. Sioux


    My initial suggestion was Greek Islands...

  6. cwjcntr


    My vote is for cavanaugh's...

    but i'd be up for sampling the martini bar...

    PM me the next time u head out, I may just join ya.

  7. saxon


    Will do, C. Hey...anybody seen Joe Titzer? Maybe he's still in Cameroon.

  8. OK... I'll join this ET get-togethers once in a while if Susan comes.

    If Susan comes... and I'm notified... I'm sure to go....


    As for the location, what about Venice Cafe on Wacker....

    It's a street down from both the merc and BOT.
  9. saxon


    Thanks for the suggestion, Gann. I'll add Venice Cafe to the list, and at the end of the month, I'll PM everyone who showed interest in this with the list of nominations, and you can vote for your top 3 choices for a regular spot. The place that gets the most votes among the top 3 will be the new Chicago ET Club Friday afternoon hangout.

    Sound ok to everyone, I hope?

    Once we get a place set, we won't need to make any formal arrangements to meet. You just show up on Fridays when you feel like it, or not when you don't.

    Simple, eh?

  10. Sounds great Saxon.
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