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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by cwjcntr, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. cwjcntr


    Global computer outlet in naperville has some pretty good blowout deals, especially in their "bargain room".. The BR has a lot of refurb or things that require a lil repair to get working.

    I know several people who bought "non working" ibm thinkpads for $400, and spent half a saturday to get them working. Deals like that.

    I will be shopping tomorrow, focus on this trading pc. Need to get a large hard drive, or probably 2 smaller ones and make sure that I can backup to both of them for redundancy.. I'll make that decision in my sleep...

    Gotta pick up some more ram, and a multi head video card. I'll report back if they have any deals..

    They sometimes have super saturdays where from some weird a$$ hour 8am-11am i think, it varies, they have spectacular deals on equipment.

    just fyi, more later...
  2. cwjcntr


    ok, visited there yesterday... the Bargain room didn't have any good things that interested me. I did pick up a new Nvidia e-gForce 2 AGP video adapter... 32mb ram for around $30.. Got dual monitors setup here now.

    Picked up a 80gb hd for $80 as well as a few other miscellaneous doohickeys for the trading station...

    Did not see any deals on any LCD's, but they do carry the Samsungs there. Will try again next saturday....
  3. nitro


    If you see any Opteron 800 series in the bargain bin, GIMME A YELL ASAP.