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    Is there a prop firm in Chicago that follows the traditional Chicago 'prop-futures' business model in terms of capitalization and profit-sharing but with equities? If so, do they tolerate holding relative-value positions (offset weighted pairs) overnight?

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  2. I think Wolverine does alot of equities.
  3. Better be ready for the brutal math exam and then meeting with the partners of the firm who will barrage you with multiple questions at once and you have to decipher the most important one to answer since you can't answer them all. (The one you answer and not so much your response is what matters). Afterwards, prepare for a frat-tastic culture of Michigan transplants to Chicago.
  4. What is up with all these math tests for these prop firms? Its almost like they dont know what to look for in good traders so the go to move is probability questions that have no relevence to the real world at all.
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    I have an extensive institutional/commercial/proprietary background and track record in energy commodities and fixed income. I am looking to implement a proprietary strategy for equity relative value trades in the energy sector I have been working on for the past few years. The timeframe for the trade is several days to a few weeks. No, it is not stat arb/CFD.
  6. Not sure, but they certainly eliminate quality traders that will surely just go somewhere else. Pretty pointless, kind of like the ACT/SAT to predict how you will do in college.
  7. Maverick Trading aka. Great Point capital.

    Will Train You and pay a draw while they do. I have worked there. They use Assent platform.

    175 W. Jackson Chicago, IL
    (312) 356-4400
    Building directly west of the CBOT.
  8. Does Jump Trading do equities? Anyone have any information about the place? From the career opps page it looks like all the traders are also programmers.
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    Jump is almost completely black box - algo stat arb, that kind of thing. They don't hold positions. Seems like everybody is in that space. Like Getco, Nico, Wolverine, TradeLink, etc.etc.etc.etc.etc.

    Picking up nickels in front of the freight train.
  10. Not sure how their equities books are, but there's always DRW, SIG, SAC, CTC, and a few others.
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