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    Hello All,

    I am 17 years old in the Chicago area with a great interest in trading, eventually i want to make a career out of it. Currently i am trading my own money on my etrade account while attending highschool. I havent chose the college that i will be attending yet but i am looking at schools with top business programs. For the time being i would like to get some experience at a prop trading firm, or hedge fund(I'm not expecting any responsiblities...mostly offering help around the network with the industry professionals) Now i know most of you will say what i want is an internship and i need to be enrolled in college for this... you guys know of any prop firms/hegde funds that would take on someone like me for extra help doing little tasks around the office?

  2. be a doctor,before its too late:D ...
  3. Awesome that you recognized your interest in trading at a relatively young age. Good luck. The earlier the better.