Chicago eliminated from Olympics

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  1. LMAO.

    So much for Obama's pull around the world.

    Obama is a failure at everything he tries to accomplish.
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    I'm glad!
  3. hahahah OBAMA......ahhhhhhhhh this is a good day
  4. Why would the Olympics want to host in that crime infested cold city
  5. Obama's stumping for the olympics in Chicago was one more tacky play..
  6. hopefully "Mr Infomercial" will take a break
  7. Yeah, right!
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    I like the Drudge headline, "The Ego Has Landed" :p
  9. A few days ago the conventional wisedom was that Tokyo would be eliminated in the first round.

    Turns out that Chicago was eliminated first. Toyko was eliminated second.

    What happened? Some pundits are suggesting that the typical Obama "it's all about me, me, me", type of speech was NOT well received by the IOC delegates and history was made.
  10. "The Ego has Crash Landed" is more accurate...:D
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