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  1. Anyone think the upcoming IPO is a good buy for a long term investment?

    Hopefully it can perform well just like CME.
  2. sabunabu


    Go long. This will be a great long term play IMO. It will probably be extremely volatile for a while though b/c of high expectations surrounding this IPO and the Refco scandal.

    I like it though...
  3. jsmooth


    anyone have some specific information on when it's going to start trading and it's ticker?
  4. shamrock


    Wed. am symbol BOT
  5. Wed October 19th, BOT 54.00.

    Thurs October 27th, BOTCQ .36

    Underwriters laughing at you over a beer.....Priceless.
  6. Why would it be?

    Unless the CBOT can suddenly invent an electronic product as successful as the ES then that IPO price is joke.

    I think they're parking cars in that $30mil Dow pit now...

  7. :D :p
  8. mcurto


    What are you talking about? I believe the CBOT trades a product called the US Treasuries. These trade several million contracts a day and with the reintroduction of the 30-year bond the volume will only continue to grow. I have worked at the CBOT for a little while now and can tell you when inflation talk begins and rates start moving higher it is like awakening a sleeping giant. Oh, and by the way, the Treasuries have done record volume at record low volatilities, imagine the volume that can be done when 30yr volatility is back above 10%, I could see 30yrs doing close to a million contracts a day and the ten year doing 2 million contracts a day. Easy buy and ride to at least 100 bucks.

  9. OMG, funniest post in a long time. Well done!!
  10. tnewman1


    Very good post about the stock going to Pink Sheets, or OTC.

    I think BOT's going to be a mover.. I suspect the stock will start flying with such a small float. I think the excitement around the possibility of reaching CME potential might over ride the negativity about Refco.

    I think the CBOT is a more realiable play than a stock like Refco anyway, but I'm sure there will be hesitation out there from some people to dive in. That will probably change when the stock doubles in a week or so and then Refco will be completely forgotten about and those skittish ones will be jumping in at 100 or so..

    We'll see, but I think CBOT is a good buy depending where you can get in during the day. I'm going to try to buy some shares in the morning if I can providing a good number.
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