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  1. Looking for some reputable firms in Chicago as I am possibly considering exploring the "corporate" realm of trading. I have been an active swing/day trader for a few years and have just considered exploring other options at this point. Any insight or direction is greatly appreciated as I currently have no leads.

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    chicago trading services
    assent (spike)

    most offices in Chicago are futures shops... but there are still a handful of stocks shops in the loop. Advantages to offices are leverage, being around other traders, and possibly training.
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    Chicago has probably 100 prop trading firms. Here's a hint. Go to the CBOE, CME, and CBOT web sites and look up all the member firms. Print out all the names and phone numbers. Make sure you have plenty of paper in your printer as there are tons of them. Should keep you busy though.
  4. There are many repuatble prop firms in Chicago, but what exactly are you looking for? Training? Leverage? What do you consider corporate?
  5. Thanks for the reply Chi-Trade...

    You ask a very good question, but I am not sure that I can provide an exact answer unfortunately. Since I have been a home-based trader for so long I haven't ever considered the option of looking for a trading job with a firm and really don't know where to begin. I don't know much about the process, and at this point I am unsure of which firms I should even be considering since I am unfamilar with all the Chicago-based ones. I know that most are futures-related and I am currently an equites only trader, but would have no problem making a transition if needed. I am always open-minded about furthering my training, but that is not necessarily what I am seeking. I think getting a trading job, rather than trading from home, would provide me with a good opportunity and also add some form of stability to my life. Plus, the isolation of trading can take its toll after some time and I would enjoy being able to share my experiences with others.

    I hope this kinda gives you an idea of what I am after. If not, just let me know and I'm sure I can expand more. I appreciate your response...