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    If anyone is interested, there is going to be a Chicago networking event this Thursday where you can meet local trading professionals and mix and mingle. There is a $25 cover, open bar for 3 hours with premium liquor and food. Let's see some of you ET people come out of the woodwork.
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    I would like to make it, but it will be right at 6:00, as I have to leave by about 6:45 to make it to a meeting in the burbs by 7:30.

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    Not to worry, we'll be doing these events every month.
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    Where are all the Chicago people? Jeez, half of ET lives in Chicago and it seems like guys are always bitching about not getting out enough. Not to mention all the guys that PM me asking me about prop firms in Chicago. Well, there will be about 10 different firms here plus a lot of big locals and some fund managers. Yes guys, you have to make an effort.
  6. Ghey entertainment?
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    Would you fly out here if it was? :D
  8. On the friggin' Space Shuttle!! :eek:
  9. In all seriousness... I will be flying out to Chicago to launder some drug funds. Keep me aprised of the dates -- I can always use street-dealers and "cleaners".
  10. Reminds me of Pulp Fiction.

    Hey, if this does occur every month, I'm in. Can't make it this month on such short notice, but I'm in this fall.

    Risk' if you're going to make one, please let me know. Round trip air is a few ticks to the good - it could be a good time.
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