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  1. Looking to stop trading remote and start trading in office. I trade with Assent and am looking for an office in Chicago where I can trade.

    Anyone know of any offices in Chicago?

  2. Yeah, Bright Trading - Don :D
  3. As a former remote trader myself for 4 years, getting back into an office is great move.

    At first trading at home office seems like the best way to go.
    A commute of literally 30 seconds, no fighting traffic or train schedules.

    After a while the home gets very isolating and depressing.

    Being in an active office discussing trading strategies can be very beneficial.

    Good luck
  4. I agree, and we encourage our remote traders to come spend time in our Vegas headquarters from time-to-time if they simply cannot trade permanently in an office. Many take us up on it, and it seems to help their overall success.

  5. Don,

    Would you say more people are looking to get away from trading remote and back to the office setting?
  6. Judging by our in-office expansion over the last few months, I would have to say yes. And, for various reasons, many tend to do both. Here in Vegas, we have over 50 registered as "office" traders, and sometimes only 30 or so come in on a daily basis.

    As we are adding affiliates locations, the traders in the same area seem to check out who is running the office, and then make a decision if there is "value added" to hanging out in that office.

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    Is your michigan office still up an running? last i heard there was only about 5 or so guys. :confused:

    and is it located in southfield?? on northern Hwy?
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    Are going to open an office in Houston, TX. or is that just a workshop that you are hosting during the month of June.
  9. A workshop at this time, but we may open an affiliate if we get enough interest (check the "where do prop shops open" thread for info on how that works.

  10. A few guys in Southfield, yes.

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