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    M Migely

    Dear Sir Does anyone know the Chicago Area Prop Firms and where they are located. Thank You


    Equities , Forex, or Futures?
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    fx chicago
    chicago trading services
    sdv llc
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    i would research all of that list on here. There are certain ones that "seem" to have consistent problems paying traders,certain ones who are very litigious and certain ones who have monthly tunrover rates that is well beyond average for the prop field.
  7. Kidding...kidding!
  8. Baron,
    Refco Trading Services still in business?
  9. Which on those lists would be a good company to work for. I am looking for one that trains you, and you are not risking your own money like Great Point but that doesnt keep me from leaving eventually to trade on my own because of a contract.
  10. So you want the company to train you and take all the risk and get nothing in return? That sounds like you're asking a lot, honestly. What's in it for them?
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