ChiBondKing USA Roadshow July 2006

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  1. NYC/Chicago, let's get READY TO PARTY!

    Appeared on CNBC as a stuttering Piker at 8PM EST :D

    Blarney Stone, Fulton Street, NYC - 6PM

    Michael Jordan's Steakhouse, Grand Central Station, NYC

    Arrival in Chicago
    11 Thirsty: Drinks with the Grain Room
    1PM: Chasers at the Close
    5PM: Rock On - Ceres
    9PM-Til: DoP, RSCO, etc... :D

    7/21 (Friday)
    7AM: Breakfast at Ceres
    12: Lunch at Ceres
    1:15: Chasers At The Close
    4:15: Rivers at the CME
    6PM: Ceres Friday Night Fever

    7/22-7/23: Find me on the 'floor' :D

    7/24 (Monday)
    7AM: Breakfast at Ceres
    10AM: Grain Room Visit
    12: Lunch
    1:15: Chasers At The Close (Ceres)
    3:15: CBK's Dow Last Stand (Ceres)
    4-5:30: Time To Say Goodbye (Ceres/Rivers/Cal's/Cactus bar crawl)

    7PM: Hopefully on the plane and on the runway going back to NYC.
  2. CU @ Ceres 7/21 noon.