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  1. So I was losing my ass on some Mar Swissies. Hoping for at least a little bounce on OS.

    And I woke up and those bad boys are FLYING (along with some others)!

    Heck, if you can't be good - just be lucky. :cool:

  2. m22au


    Edited post: I did not take into account the SNB interest rate decision.

    Biggish move in USD/CHF at about 8am ET, from about 1.0000 to about 1.0100.

    This resulted in EUR/CHF going from about 1.3100 to above 1.3200.

    The above moves all happened in less than 10 minutes
  3. It's even better to be aware, innit? The SNB shocked everyone, esp given some people were expecting a hike.