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  1. CHF options

    Hi everyone,
    what are the options on the CHF with the most volume?
  2. What do you mean? Options on CHF are mostly OTC.
  3. CME has options on CHF fut
    looking if there are better alternatives, preferably with some volume
  4. OTC is where liquidity is at, which means "volume" doesn't really make a lot of sense in that context.
  5. got a ticker for me?
    using interactive
  6. No, there's no ticker... There's a few people who offer vanilla FX options, I think, like Oanda and Saxo, but I am not 100% certain.
  7. try options on fxf although the b/a is wide enough for rosie o' donnell to walk through and the vol is nil. as the other poster said, go otc IF it's that important to you.
  8. I traded FXF Oct 112 calls last month (sep 20-25 or so) and lost 90% of it.
    Swiss Central bank beat me up so much that now I dont mind Rosie Oda..even!.


    I thought it will bounce quick ,but it went down and bounce is still feeble (last 7 trading days FXA and FXE have done better)+ volality crush.
    3 month options -even if trade direction is success,still Rosie factor is a issue.

  9. kevin, i didn't use the "quote" function on purpose b/c i don't want to duplicate the rosie pic. so here's my response to your post. the swiss intervening like that is kinda a grey swan in my opinion (everyone knew they were going to intervene but just not by that much in one day). that move was one of the largest (if not the largest) one day % moves in fx period.

    to be frank (pun intended) there's nothing you can do after the huge move against you. it's like being long calls on DAL or UAL on 9/10/11. you will lose and there's really no hope that they'll come back by expiry.

    however since you traded long options w/ an asymmetric risk/return profile as opposed to futures your losses are at least capped to your premium. it sucks losing x if you invested x - it sucks more losing 10x when you invested x. my point is to recognize that these types of moves can happen and plan accordingly by only investing a small (less than 5%) of your capital in any one trade.

    now i'm going to have to look at pics of black lively for an hour to counteract the pic of rosie.