chf oportunity

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  1. chf win more

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  3. chf reverse the trend

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  4. chf is wild now

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  1. since 08.09 to 08.26 yesterday

    aud -19.75%
    nzd -18.53%
    eur -16.31%
    cad -15.52%
    gbp -15%
    usd -14.92%
    jpy -12.74%

    average -16.11%

    i am see very good sup to rebuy chf next weeks

    at least chf rise 5-10%
  2. USD and CHF and JPY are all in a race to the bottom.

    Going back to 1945, Japan didn't do to well. USA also took some heavy losses.

    As I recall, Switzerland came out ok.
  3. next week:

    i am think next week chf can down a bit more.i am study another charts and after day like friday chf need some consolidation before reverse down

    so,particulary tuesday,wed or thursday chf can down with some strengh (after rise correction)

    we see
  4. i am not sure today chf have big up trend maybe rise more
    last 2 weeks retracements i think is very good oportunity to rebuy chf. in the case chf broker highs can make a lot of money in 3-5 months of rise more
  5. i think

    usdchf go down to 0.7825 next week.
    then after a lot of ups and downs
    maybe to 0.7065 would take the whole september.

    Or it goes up. Who cares.
  6. about crosses

    i am see nzd particularly interesting

    look nj and nu 08-16 to 08-26
    nzd are in the max level (can made double top)
    by the other hand i see good sup to sell nzdchf with .69 stoploss
    -130 pips from friday close.

    probably this pair reach top and start down next week
    nzdchf rise +18.53% just below audchf

    .61 can good tp to 1 lot

    but if chf still in up trend next weeks can hold with other lot to win more
  7. look gbpnzd can made double top too
    08-10 and 08-15 level
    08-26 level
  8. another crazy day
    chf new lows.
    -18.9 eurchf
    -18.04 gbpchf
    -16.6 usdchf
    -18.49 cadchf
    -14.1 chfjpy
    -21.51 nzdchf
    -22.63 audchf
    18.61 average

    probably this is the top.

  9. kickout


    aud/chf made me some nice coin....

    i like it again on a retrace
  10. i made 100 pips today against chf too
    but be careful chf won +350 pips from de bottom
    i think we have the low value of chf ,the trend reverse again to chf strong
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