Chevy volt production is stopped.

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    Well, first off GM lied and claimed it was an electric vehicle with onboard generator. It wasn't.

    The car was propelled by the onboard gasoline engine and not very efficiently at that.

    So it was a hybrid. A lousy hybrid.

    On electric power the vehicle had a range of 25 miles. Fine for some government bureaucrat commuting between Georgetown and K-street but ridiculous for real people.

    Then of course there was the vehicle's predisposition to BURN after a minor accident. Every see lithium burn? Think thermite.

    And then there was the way that GM screwed its bondholders and gave the company to the UAW basically assuring that no self-respecting republican would buy a GM product for perpetuity.

    GM says it will restart production at some point but it is laying off 1300 workers from the Volt factory. Yeah, they'll be rehired. Welcome to the 99-week boogie.
  3. Where is SandySHILLdog?
  4. there problem is nobody wants to spend 35K plus on a chevy. i would never spend it on a chevy thats for sure. we do need electric cars and solar homes though its just not an easy path.
  5. Nobody wants this piece of junk from Chevy. How surprising!
  6. i would love to have one in the 20k range.
  7. Kinda like their Chevy Malibu. Even I, owner of 2 Toyotas have to admit it was a good vehicle and good really good reviews even from Toyota mngt, but if all you can do is match Toyota's value prop. for a Camry you don't have a chance. In order to take market share you have to be better not close to equal. When I did a quick comparison a couple of years back their price was equal. Why would that motivate someone take a chance on an a Chevy after having such good luck with Toys and Hondas? Maybe some genius at GM can answer that. And before someone says Buy American both of Toys are American made.
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    Hey, don't give the Dems any ideas. This thing is already heavily subsidized.
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